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Did you see Brad Pitt?  Yes.  Yes I effing saw Brad Pitt….  He seems pretty cool too.

Have I yelled something at Brigitte Nielsen to get her attention and then hidden fearfully in the crowd when she turned around looking for the owner of the voice?  The answer is that I’ve done a lot of things that I’ve instantly regretted.  That was one of them.

You’d think getting a handbag smashed into your face by a celebrity would be an easy ticket to litigation retirement.  It’s not though.  Apologies are offered and accepted and we all go about our business amidst half-hearted laughter and free vodka.

Getting hustled into a corner of the airport by Cuban customs officers…at least that’s what they said they were, and questioned about your political beliefs may have been less stressful.  Just fill a few of the pot holes guys.  That’s all I’m  saying.  I know political oppression is bad, but the potholes aren’t helping either.

The long and the short of it is described by years of working for photography agencies like WireImage, Getty and the Associated Press.  Learning about how many settings there really are on your flash (lots) and being cold-shouldered by Will.I.Am when you’re trying to focus on him at a poorly lit event at the Florida Superbowl (thanks for nothing buddy),

Things could definitely be worse.

Sometimes something magical even happens.

That’s what I like about photography.